Find Your Calm Cards

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Find your calm whenever and whenever you need to!

Lots of people (like me) recommend using affirmations for many purposes, including for inner peace, feeling grounded and centered, and creating positive vibes.

But what do you do when you either don’t know what affirmation to use, you need something like, right now, or you need something to start your day off on the right foot?

You pull out one (or three) the Find Your Calm Affirmation Cards!

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The thoughts you think to and about yourself and your life greatly impacts how you feel and is generally what what shows up in your life.

So if your thoughts tend to lean towards how stressed and overwhelmed you feel, how tired you are, how much your life sucks, not only are you making yourself feel worse and worse, you’re also likely to remain in that state.

And that’s not how you want to live, right? Of course not!

Saying affirmations on a regular basis allows us to:

  • Become aware of our thoughts.
  • Improve the quality of our lives.
  • Create positive change and more calm and joy.

About the Cards

This deck of 30 cards are designed to help you find your calm, joy and happiness whenever you need to.

The Find Your Calm Affirmation Cards:

  • Allow you tap into your inner peace in just a few minutes a day.
  • Are a great way to get started with your calm and affirmation practice.
  • Help you stay focused on the positive and what you want more of (i.e., peace, harmony, joy).
  • Become aware of your thoughts (so you can change the negative ones to ones that better serve you)
  • Increase your positive energy and optimism.

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