Calm Mama of the Month: Nicole Purdessy


Calm Mama of the Month features mamas — like you — who have found ways to overcome their overwhelm and find calm in the chaos of their lives. 

Nicole is a mother of two and founder of Beautiful Bru, which provides material and mental tools for successful Goddessness by encompassing mentalism and spiritual alchemy with manifesting.

Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What are some of your stressors and/or mental health challenges you deal with?

A: Bipolar disorder which can entail racing thoughts, anxiety, manic and depressive episodes, OCD, PTSD and panic attacks.

Q: How did you cope with stressful situations before you started using calming practices?

A: Self-medicating and social withdrawal, overeating and sleeping​.

Q: What are your top ways/favorite tools and practices for de-stressing and finding calm?

A: Listening to your guided meditations, mindful breathing, reading your calm tips and reading/reciting the calm card affirmations, burning incense, holding crystals and lighting candles.

Q: What differences have you seen in yourself and your life since using calming practices?

A: I am able to shift my mental perspective much more easily now, and my episodes are much shorter and way more manageable than they used to be​.

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