"I just want to say, 'thank you,' I've never been able to meditate before I found your videos!" - Angelica M.

hey there, mama,

Welcome to Black Mom's Guide to Calm (formerly Black Girl's Guide to Calm)! This is a safe space where stressed out moms can overcome their overwhelm and find their inner peace, joy, and wholeness.

I'm a mama to a 5-year-old, so trust me when I say I know you are dealing with and handling a lot in your day-to-day life, from trying to be the best mom you can be, to taking care of home, and slaying your goals.

As moms -- and Black moms in particular -- we play many roles (parent, partner, daughter, friend, employee, entrepreneur) that lead to us feeling stressed out, worn out, and burned out, and we end up putting ourselves and our needs on the back burner. And a lot of times, we think it's actually acceptable to live this way, not doing anything about it. However, it's super important that you do something to lessen your stress so that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. Not just for the people around you, but for YOURSELF! 

As your Calm Coach, I'm here to share ways you can find your calm, wholeness, and happiness. (Isn't that what we all want)?

Listen, mama: You deserve to feel inner peace, joy, and contentment more often -- and I'm going to help you make that a reality. Let's do this together!


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What People Are Saying

Valerie R.

"I had a private, guided meditation session with Jamie over the phone.I didn't know what to expect, but I trusted her and allowed myself to be led. Jamie has such a relaxing spirit, which I immediately connected with. The session helped me focus solely on one specific area of my life.

"Allowing Jamie to help guide me through the meditation was what I needed to help release some things I was holding on to."

"I've attended Mind, Body, Soul Yoga with Jamie on Sundays at a local park. Having her to facilitate the sessions as well as a small community to de-stress alongside is something I've really found value in. Each time, I left light, relaxed and calm."

Natasha P.

"I downloaded your free meditation and have been doing it two times a day for the last several days. POWERFUL! It is exactly what I needed right now. Thank you!

"I had an amazing time. It was my first time doing yoga, and I was super nervous. Once everything started, I felt myself relax. It was peaceful and an experience that I will never forget."