Mind, Body, Soul Yoga

"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness." -Sakyong Miphram


Hi! I'm Jamie, your calm coach. My journey to starting a yoga practice began in 2014, a few months after my daughter, Nailah, was born. At that time, I was overwhelmed, super stressed, and frustrated with learning to be a mama while also balancing being a wife and entrepreneur and taking care of home. Long story short, yoga was one of the tools I used to begin finding my calm and overcoming my overwhelm -- it's been life-changing for me! And yoga continues to be one of the top methods I use to tap into my inner peace every day.

Why Yoga?

A regular practice can:

  • Bring you peace of mind.
  • Make you happier.
  • Give you inner strength.
  • Improve your flexibility and balance.
  • Ease physical pain.

Experience The Amazing Benefits of Yoga!

Black Girl's Guide to Calm


Join me for weekly yoga class that will help you unwind, decompress, and start your week on a positive note.

Mind, Body, Soul Yoga is suitable for complete beginners and regular practitioners alike, so come out and find your calm! Each session also includes guided meditation and affirmations for inspiration and personal growth.





What People Are Saying...

Dominique B.
"Our yoga class with Jamie was DOPE! Got my support!

"I had an amazing time. It was my first time doing yoga, and I was super nervous. Once everything started I felt myself relax. It was peaceful and an experience that I will never forget."

"I regularly join Jamie during meditation moments on [Facebook], but I recently joined her for yoga. As an author/editor, my job requires a lot of but in chair time, and needless to say, my back and seat need some help! Jamie was very calm and explained each position well before moving on to the next. I will definitely do it again."

"I attend Mind, Body, and Soul Yoga with Jamie on Sundays at a local park. Having her to facilitate the sessions as well as a small community to de-stress alongside is something I really find value in. Each week I leave light, relaxed, and calm."

The Deets


Sundays @ 9AM


Empowrment Zone (775 Woodruff Rd., #D)

What to bring:

Yoga mat


  • $15/class
  • $30/3 class pass
  • $50/5 class pass

P.S. -- Get updates about class sent to your phone! 

Just text MBSYOGA to 33222.