#HappyTip: Start Your Mornings on a Positive Note

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Black Girl's Guide to Calm

The way you start your day has a huge affect on how you’ll feel the rest of the day. That’s why it’s important to start your morning on a positive note.

Here are a few quick tips for setting the tone after you wake up so you’ll remain centered and positive throughout your day:

— Prepare for the following day the night before.

— Get up early enough that you don’t have to rush and feel flustered.

— Express gratitude for a new day (You can even write in your gratitude journal).

— Meditate or take a few deep breaths.

— Pray and/or read affirmations.

— Take a moment to visualize your goals (by closing your eyes and imagining it or writing it down).

— Stretch, do a little yoga, or work out.

— Eat something nutritious.

— Do your best to stay positive and keep choosing joy!

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“Wake up and greet each day with a vivacious spirit and positive attitude!” – Melanie M. Koulouris

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